ScreeninC has developed and collected many different CRISPR and RNAi libraries and can provide advice and support with screening in a pooled or arrayed format. In addition to providing advice and support with screening of whole genome CRISPR knockout, CRISPR activation, CRISPR inhibition and RNAi libraries, our expert team can help you design and develop a customized arrayed or pooled library targeting specific gene sets. Our services include:

  • Access to screening infrastructure, tools and technologies
    • High-throughput, single-well screens
    • Pooled, in vitro screens
    • Pooled, in vivo screens
  • Access to high content imaging technologies and platforms for screening of complex phenotypes
  • Support with optimization and execution of arrayed and pooled screens of whole genome as well as targeted libraries
  • Support with the design and generation of custom CRISPR and shRNA libraries